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Globalized Real Estate Investment Platform

How It

AQRE works in direct support of the Chelle Token. We reward holders of Chelle Tokens by giving them a preferred rate of real estate returns. The AQRE app construction includes an exchange feature where users can upload their Chelle Tokens. Once uploaded, the investor receives Allocation Tokens that can now be used exclusively on the app. Once this allocation is complete, all returns are paid in traditional Ethereum. Don’t have Chelle Tokens? No problem — at AQRE you can exchange any currency investment for Chelle Tokens as well. Chelle Tokens come with increased investment capacity, so owning more only grants you a better deal. We provide the properties, you invest, allocate, and everyone acquires! That's the spirit of AQRE.

Our vision is to create opportunities where everyone has a chance at creating wealth through real estate investing.

Buy Chelle Tokens

Purchase Chelle here on AQRE or on our listed exchange to receive added benefits.


Invest in properties of your choice

Exchange Your Tokens

Exchange your Chelle Tokens in app to receive allocation tokens


Allocate your tokens over a variety of properties for a customized income stream

View Our High Cap Rate Real Estate Properties

All properties can be viewed in app displaying its cap rate, value and pictures for your convenience

Monthly Residuals

Receive monthly rental residuals which is distributed and paid to investors in Ethereum (soon to come USD)

Utilizing AQRE, our high cap rate North American real estate portfolio transcends borders. AQRE enables investors in many different countries who seek to diversify their investments and earn consistent monthly residual income.

Powered By Chelle Coin

Blockchain Integration

By combining blockchain technology with our team of developers and real estate professionals, we’ve built a fully integrated, automated real estate investment platform. This enables us to operate more cost-effectively than traditional investments with greater flexibility.

Security & Transparency

Utilizing Chelle Coin, you can buy through an exchange and transfer your tokens with real time, automated market value. With blockchain your investment is secure and our real estate reporting transparent, giving you the confidence of a publicly traded company.