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Our Story

Chelle Corp

The AQRE history is also the story of its founder and CEO, Ronice Harrison. Ronice has worked in the real estate industry since 2010 and is a highly valued expert in the field. However, over the years, she's also seen the difficulties in real estate investing. This barrier-to-entry was almost impossible to break through for average investors and newcomers due to piles paperwork, complicated rules, and worst of all, the time sink. All of these problems together made real estate investment a less than exciting idea for everyone but the most experienced investors.
At the same time however, the power of the blockchain began to be realized. With this new technology, entire industries could be updated. The blockchain connected thousands of people, made fund transfers safe and instant, and most importantly, put the power in the community. The marriage between real estate investment and blockchain was a perfect match. With this realization, Ronice began work on building her team and creating the technology to bring about a new real estate evolution.
Now in 2019, AQRE is the result of Ronice's hard work. AQRE is the perfect union of blockchain technology and real estate investment. As a result, AQRE creates an innovative new way for users to invest. AQRE allows anyone to invest in real estate. There's no complicated procedures, no long wait times, and no paperwork. With AQRE, Ronice's dreams are a reality. Now anyone can invest from the palm of their hand, worry-free.

Meet Our Outstanding Team

We've put together a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled experts to bring you the best app experience possible.

Ronice Harrison

President & CEO

Trivelle Simpson

Chief Operating Officer

Konrad Kubicka-Fitzpatrick

Digital Asset Strategist

James Brock

Web Developer & Designer

Nishal Sukdhoe

Marketing Manager

Kyle Fraser

Content Specialist

Nicholas Schaus

Digital Brand Specialist

Rory Desilva

Senior Real Estate Acquisition Specialist